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Infrared Light Therapy.

Red light is a visible light that works on the surface of the skin as well as

penetrating to about 1.5 inches into the body.

The visible spectrum wavelengths of 630nm to 700nm. Infrared therapy

is applied in the treatment of various health conditions including,

Muscle Tension

Poor Circulation

Boosts the immune system

Helps with detoxification

Eases back pain, Arthritis & Bursitis

Neck Pain

Rheumatoid arthritis

Tendonitis & Sciatica

One study found that red and infrared light therapy cuts osteoarthritis

pain by more than 50%.

This treatment can be used on specific areas of the body during a facial

or in a separate treatment. Use of infrared light can be used 10-20

minutes three to four times a week.

*Eye protection is always recommended with any light therapy.

Infrared Light Therapy is also used on animals, especially horses and dogs as they are active and can have injuries too, so the infrared works just the same on them as it does on us.

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