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Massage Magic with Infrared Heat Therapy

Massage Magic - Infrared Heat Therapy Massage. Like Nothing You Have Had Before!

Massage has been used for enhanced health and wellness for thousands of years. Massage is an excellent way to relieve stress, aches, and pains, and promote a sense of wellbeing. Our clients especially love our Infrared Heat Therapy Massage, which has an incredible deep healing effect.

What Is Infrared Heat Therapy Massage?

It sounds a little bit hi-tech but Infrared Heat Therapy has actually been around for decades as a tool to help people recover from soft tissue injuries. In the beauty industry, infrared heat therapy massage helps improve and strengthen the body on a cellular level for enhanced health and wellbeing. A combination of applied infrared heat therapy and a relaxing massage helps achieve a deeper sense of relaxation and improved health benefits.

How Does Infrared Heat Therapy Work?

We use an infrared heat lamp which is directed over the areas we massage over. The lamp emits infrared light which cannot be seen by the human eye but can be felt as heat. The infrared light penetrated deep into the skin and superficial muscles and stimulates the release of nitric oxide from hemoglobin in the bloodstream, which in turn stimulates blood flow to the localized area. This increase blood flow brings fresh nutrients and oxygen to the tissues, boosting healing and helping to relieve aches and pains. The resulting increase in blood circulation produce an increase in the rate of cellular metabolism, speed up cell repair and stimulate several other body systems, most specifically the immune, lymphatic, and vascular system. All this increased cellular activity boost the healing process.

Who Will Benefit from Infrared Heat Therapy Massage

Infrared heat therapy penetrates deeper into the tissues and enhances the results of a relaxing massage so you will find infrared heat therapy will deliver even better results. If you suffer from muscular aches and pains, backache, tension headache, stress or even arthritis, you may find infrared heat therapy can help. Infrared heat therapy also helps to stimulate detoxification of your skin and body so it's very important that you drink lots of water after the session to help to flush out toxins. This will assist with fluid retention, puffiness, cellulite and even acne. For more information or if you would like to make a booking please call us on (02) 6298 1226.

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