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See Beneath The Surface - How A Professional Skin Analysis Can Reveal The True Story Of Your Skin

See Beneath The Surface.

Have you ever had your skin analysed by a trained beauty therapist? If you have, you would have discovered many fascinating facts about your skin. How deeply is your skin dehydrated? Just how much oil is your skin producing, if any? Are there any congested follicles? What is the extent of sun damage in your skin? A trained and qualified beauty therapist will be able to determine the answers to these questions and much more, during a thorough skin consultation with the aid of a high-tech skin diagnostic machine, the Observ Skin Analysis Computer.


If you could get a picture of what your skin will look like in the future, based on your current lifestyle and skin care habits, and there was a way to prevent future problems with small changes, would you take the steps to prevent them? This is power of the Observ skin analysis. The diagnostic machine takes pictures of your skin with different wavelength of lights to get a true image of your skin on the surface and what is happening beneath. You will literally see deeper into your skin to discover it’s past, present and future.


During a skin care consultation with your trained beauty therapist, you will have an in depth discussion about your skin, your skin care habits, lifestyle, nutrition, medical history and environmental factors that may be impacting on the health of your skin. To collect information about your skin, the beauty therapist will look at your skin under a magnifying lamp, touch and feel your skin to get an impression of your skin type and skin conditions that may be present.

For a deeper and more precise skin analysis, the beauty therapist will next take pictures of your skin with the Observ Diagnostic computer. This specialised imaging tool will take precise photos of your skin and present the results visually that will clearly show skin imperfections, where they are located and the extent of damage in the skin. This is extremely useful to help you identify what is happening in your skin and what you need to focus on to minimise the damage and prevent the problems from getting worse. With this advanced diagnostic tool, your beauty therapist and you will gain a deep insight into your skin and better understand what steps you need to take to preserve the health, beauty and youth of your skin.


When it comes to the skin and caring for it, prevention is the key. The Observ Skin Analysis Computer will clearly identify skin conditions, the depth of the problem and where they are located to help determine the next course of action. Skin conditions this tool is capable of showing include:

● Skin dehydration

● Areas of weakness in the skin

● First lines and wrinkles

● Sun damage

● Premature ageing

● Pigmentation disorders

● Couperose (vascular conditions)

● Rosacea

● Health of the pores

● Oil flow

● Congested follicles

● Infected follicles

Together with your therapist, you will identify the main concerns of your skin and determine the best home care and professional treatments to improve your skin conditions. Your beauty therapist will advise you how to care of your skin type and how to prevent further problems from occurring.

To book an Observ Computerised Skin Analysis, or for further information you can contact Deb on 0430 033 131

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